A school/community partnership promoting equity in education   
Their vision is our vision.

Their challenges are our challenges.

Their failures are our failures.

Their success is our responsibility.

Every student wants to reach his or her full academic potential, but an array of barriers prevent many from doing so. It is the responsibility of our communities to remove these barriers. To do this, we must:      
  • Foster a welcoming spirit which embraces the rich diversity of our community.
  • Monitor school data to ensure equity and inclusion in every aspect of education. 
  • Recruit and train volunteers as tutors/mentors to support students and teachers.
  • Engage students, teachers and parents as active partners in student learning. 
  • Provide oversight of student/mentor teams during and outside of the school day,  
  • Ensure that every student has ample access to all of the resources needed to learn
  • Hold students accountable for learning once ample access to needed resources is available.
  • Meet the nutritional needs of students who attend tutoring programs and activities outside of the school day through implementation of the federal After School Meal Program.
Only when these steps have been taken, is it reasonable for students to be held accountable for learning; for completing all assignments, catching up to grade level and mastering course content. When the community meets its responsibility to amply support every student in his or her effort to learn, most students respond by working hard to achieve academic success. The result will be many more engaged students and parents, increased teacher effectiveness, increased course rigor and many more graduates prepared to move ahead in life. is a school/community partnership which serves the students of Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Brier and Woodway.

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